Importaco is the sum of a number of different companies that specialise in producing and marketing nuts, dried fruits and chocolates. They have joined forces to allow them to provide the best product at a competitive price.

Importaco Casa Pons

Parent company, specialised in manufacturing and marketing nuts and dried fruits.

Importaco Chocolates

Specialist manufacturer of chocolate-covered nuts.

Importaco Food Service

Company specialising in manufacturing and marketing nuts and dried fruits for the food service industry, as well as nut speciality products, coated products, etc.

Importaco Snacks

It specialises in manufacturing potato chips, snacks and meat aperitifs.

Importaco Ingredients

A company which specialises in producing and processing nuts, especially almonds.

Importaco Poland

Based in Poland, it specialises in manufacturing and marketing nuts, dried fruits and similar products.

Importaco Turkey

Company specialized in processing and packaging of dried fruit.


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